We are an innovative software design company based on the concept of fu~

[ fu ~ ]
We hope that every design has fu~ if there is fu~ there will be feeling, and there will be power if there is feeling.
I also hope that all works contain funny factors, so that fun and humor can spread from the design.
What's more, we must combine "future" and use the latest technology to make the future right in front of us!

In today's fast-paced digital world
Doing a good job of a function and making the service operate normally is already a "must"

We think that in addition to making the functions in place, what is more important is the "feel" of the user's "use"!
How to package and present hard forms, functions, and processes in a "friendly" way

Let users use these digital designs such as App or website
You will feel the intention of the owner, and you will feel relaxed and happy when using it
Don't get lost or overwhelmed by Orz (don't doubt, a lot of bad designs do)

Some designs can take time, geographical location... and other data into consideration
Allow users to press fewer buttons and take fewer steps

Use machine learning, artificial intelligence technology, or create big data analysis
Through cloud learning and storage, let the App or Web decide the product arrangement or the appearance of the mall according to everyone's preferences

That is to maximize the UI (user interface) and UX (use process) and overall performance, we call it "feeling design"
We hope that every design can achieve a perfect balance in terms of "operation of function and performance", "visual UI design", and "integration of operation process".
It's also flying. Creative interaction a unique DNA!

Overall Advantage



In the world's most competitive advertising festival Cannes Lions in Cannes, France, fly. Creative Interaction, a digital design company participating for the first time, won the "NATIONAL DIPLOMA" award from MOBILE LIONS with the "Vieshow Studios FUN SQUARE Online Gathering Activity".

This means that we are the players who participated in the MOBILE LIONS competition in the whole country, with the highest points~
As long as you focus on your profession, good things will come naturally!

San Francisco

New business development

Since the end of 2015, we have cooperated with the Silicon Valley start-up team on projects, expecting to open up new business areas and develop projects towards integrated services.


Digital Design and Creativity, App/Web Design and Development

Founded in 2011 in Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan, it focuses on the development of projects such as vision, creativity, UI, UX, App application development, Web site development, and project integration and construction.

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