Popular Japanese tide brand ECONECO

It has attracted much attention in Japan, and in Taiwan, the popular brand Econeco, a popular super-popular illustrator Ezimao, has opened a store in Taiwan~ The exclusive official website is newly launched!

Rainbows, sunshine, breezes, fluffy clouds...
As the sun goes to sleep, unfurl the curtain on the animal parade.

A unicorn with a meltingly sweet muffin on its back, an elephant carrying a champagne tower, a giraffe carrying an important key, an elegant poodle, a talking parrot...
Singing and playing instruments, accompanied by sweet treats, bring a lot of love to parade together.
When you hear the music that beats your heart fast, then join the parade!

In recent years, the popular illustrator Eiko Neko who has attracted much attention in Japan is a color magician who cleverly uses dreamy colors and colorful painting techniques. With the theme of cute animal characters, with soft tones and a unique and delicate style like a picture book, it has captured the hearts of girls of all ages.

*Copyright by Econeco

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