Basic Introduction

"Science eTrans" is an educational media learning platform that uses new technology to promote Chinese science education and learning.

The task this time is to design an educational live broadcast learning platform for Science Popularization 1 and 10. It is hoped that through the high-quality scientific programs disseminated on the platform, the research results of top Chinese scientists will be recorded, and the important scientific knowledge content related to the issues of the times will be broadcast to create a new learning experience and knowledge impact.

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Concept of Design

On this educational media platform centered on science popularization, we hope to create a sense of curiosity and vitality, so that this platform can spread more popular science knowledge.

The entire platform includes the front-end APP and website mainly for students, and of course the control background with complex functions.

1|Broadcasting of live video
The video can be unfolded and collapsed to allow the app to have more space to use, and of course it can also be displayed on the full screen.

The prompts and pushes of the knowledge unit will emerge from the bottom like clouds one after another. After pressing it, the external link will be opened to display the webpage~

3|Ask a question
Since the App and the backend are well designed and connected, when students encounter problems during the live broadcast, they can directly ask questions in the App, and the operation team can use text, graphics or videos to answer students as needed oh.

Because the programs in the live class are simultaneously broadcast to hundreds of schools in Taiwan and even Southeast Asia, so students can also join and participate in chatting and speaking together in the chat function in the APP.

Color Scheme

The standard color is a combination of Luo yellow and white

In addition to yellow and white, in the screen design of the app, a large area of sky blue is also used in combination with the standard color or yellow, hoping to create a contrasting and lively feeling.

In addition to the choice of colors, many lovely illustrations also make the App appear full of vitality.

R253 G187 B31


R86 G200 B234


R221 G221 B221


R45 G70 B100


Mobile APP Version

The performance and user experience of the APP are better than that of the website, so the function design of the APP version is the most complete and powerful compared to the official website.

From the overall design concept, to UI/UX design, friendliness, refinement, sense of play... etc., every detail cannot be missed.

Intuitive design is what we attach great importance to. Usually, people who use this app for the first time do not need to spend time learning it, and can get started quickly after playing with it.

According to the usage habits of the mobile phone, the operation is carried out with a vertical screen, so that one hand can operate smoothly, and there is no need to hold the mobile phone with both hands.

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Desktop Version

Welcome the students who use desktop computers with the best RWD responsive website

When students using desktop computers or laptops visit the official website, the official website using RWD Responsive Web Design will welcome the students with the best display and configuration.

The desktop version of the website includes a homepage portal design, allowing users to easily find the content and introductions they want to watch. Although you need to enter the app version to use it for asking questions and chatting, you can still see live broadcasts and knowledge push on the desktop version , Ask questions and push them.

Using HTML5 related technologies, when browsing the website, the content display and screen design can be simultaneously improved.

Support PC / Mac desktop computer, notebook computer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox browser.

* Science eTrans|Copyright.

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