Basic Introduction

Lattice is an innovative FINTECH financial technology company dedicated to promoting the digital transformation of the financial industry and providing customers with safe, efficient and reliable investment and financial services.

The design task this time is to design a bond trading platform, and make the overall style, simplicity, and convenience of the website have a high level compared with traditional trading platforms.

In response to the increasing importance of smartphones and tablet computers, the RWD (Responsive Web Design) responsive website design method is adopted to meet the overall needs of desktop computers and various mobile devices.

Concept of Design

Technology and elegance are the design axes that the design team sets the tone for the website. These two elements extend the entire platform. The main function is bond trading. It is expected to make the website smarter, more concise and more convenient to use.

Around the main axis of bond trading, there are many functions as follows:



Portfolio|Investment Portfolio

News|Related news collection

Editorial|Comment collection

Alerts|Alert many functions

Color Scheme

The entire website is a platform for financial transactions. The design team uses textured dark blue, with a large area of white and light gray, to create a high-tech, spotless feeling.

The design team also used many different levels of light gray and high-saturation bright blue as auxiliary colors in the website, so that Icon or text can have some different levels. use.

In addition, the white background carries a lot of important information without being too rigid, so the design has a sense of block or layering of shadows. The Action button at a specific position has a three-dimensional design to make the button more eye-catching.

R218 G218 B218


R151 G166 B187


R54 G61 B250


R0 G31 B98


Mobile phone version

The webpage is designed for the vertical screen of the mobile phone, even with one hand, you can browse the website and all the wonderful graphic content smoothly.

Browsing this website with a smart phone can also get an excellent screen presentation due to the RWD (Responsive Web Design) responsive web design, helping mobile phone users with smaller screens to quickly find the information they need.

In view of the vertical display mode of smartphones, the design team also optimized the operation interface, using clear menus, so that mobile phone users can quickly switch pages or units to find the information they need.

* Support iOS / Android smartphones.
* Lattice|Copyright.

Desktop version

Use a desktop computer or laptop to browse this website, and make full use of the performance of the desktop computer, so that the large horizontal screen can display the best effect.

The desktop computer version has the most complete design details and dynamic sliding performance. Regardless of the dynamic sliding feeling of menus and objects, the desktop computer version can have the best performance.

The design team expects users who use desktop computers and laptops to browse the website in an atmosphere of surprise and pleasure.

Designed in the way of RWD (Responsive Web Design) responsive webpage, the display area and readable range of the webpage become larger and wider than ordinary websites, and there will be better browsing quality when browsing pictures or copywriting.

* Supports PC/Mac desktop computers, notebook computers, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox and above browsers.
* Lattice|Copyright.

Key screen

We put some main pages here, this is just a part of the whole website picture, you can understand the whole huge workload.

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