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As of 2023, the number of Internet users in Taiwan has reached 21.68 million, accounting for 90.7% of the entire population of Taiwan, an increase of 160,000 compared to 2022. Now, almost everyone is online, and the population of Internet users in Taiwan and the world is increasing rapidly, and the business opportunities that come with it continue to grow.

Having a professional and attractive website is becoming more and more important in the modern web environment. Not only can it provide comprehensive information and enhance the brand image, but it can also establish links, save costs, and understand users through data analysis. If you don't have a website yet, now is a great time to start!

12 Reasons Why You Need a Website

  • 1|The most important way for strangers to know you

    In this age of "nearly everyone is online", the Internet has become the main way for potential customers to find the services they need. Through the website, your company's products or services can be displayed to customers before they contact you, allowing them to select suitable manufacturers for the next step of cooperation.

  • 2|Non-closing gold medal business
    24/7 OPEN

    The website is a 24-hour non-stop gold medal business. It can show and explain your products and services to users anytime and anywhere, meet user needs and answer questions, just like a 24-hour business promoter. Compared with other promotion methods, the cost of the website is more economical and does not require additional personnel costs and venue rent.

  • 3|Each of your competitors has a website

    In the modern business environment, most competitors have their own websites. If you don't have a professional website, you may lose the competition. By having a modern, attractive website, you can keep pace with your competitors and even outperform them.

  • 4|The investment with the highest CP value

    Web design is the investment with the lowest cost and the highest long-term effect. In the era of rapid turnover, if you do not pay attention to online marketing, your company will soon be eliminated by the market. The website is the investment with the lowest cost and the best long-term effect, and the most effective means to open up the market.

  • 5|More comprehensive collection of information

    A website can provide comprehensive and detailed information, including brand introduction, brand story, product production process, inspection report, team members, product appearance, function, specification and usage method, etc. With your website, you can put anything you want people to know in the online world.

  • 6|Help you enhance your brand image

    A website is your first impression in the online world. A good, friendly website can quickly let users know your brand. Through visual identity and content arrangement, a website can help you introduce yourself directly to users and establish the uniqueness of your brand. A good website design can make users have a more comprehensive understanding of the brand, thereby enhancing their goodwill and trust in you.

  • 7|Quickly connect with users

    Internet users often search for reviews, compare features and prices, or look up reviews before making a purchase. By analyzing user habits, you can provide content on your website that potential users may need and want to search for, allowing them to quickly find your brand. In addition, the website can also establish contact with users in real time through functions such as contact form and online customer service.

  • 8|Help you understand customers better

    The website has many data analysis tools that can track user behavior and interests and help you understand user needs and consumption habits. This data can help you make smarter business decisions, improve products and services, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce churn.

  • 9|Provide instant service to customers

    Through your website, you can provide instant customer service, such as live chat or an online customer support system. This enables quick answers to customer questions, resolution of concerns, assistance and increased customer satisfaction.

  • 10|Expand or increase sales channels

    The website can not only serve as an information platform, but also become your online sales channel. You can build a shopping cart system on your website or integrate an e-commerce platform to allow customers to purchase your products or services directly from your website.

  • 11|Expand your business scope

    With a website, your business is no longer restricted by geography. You can reach global customers through the network, and even conduct international business. This expands your potential client base with more opportunities and possibilities.

  • 12|Increase Internet Exposure

    Having a website means your presence on the web, which increases your brand exposure. When potential customers search for relevant products or services online, your website can grab the attention of potential customers by appearing in the search results.

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I already have a page on social platforms such as Facebook and Line, do I still need a website?

Yes! Yes! of course yes!
(it's so important i have to say it three times)

Social platforms and websites are used for different purposes. Social platforms are suitable for instant messaging and interaction, while websites are more suitable for establishing corporate and brand images and providing structured information.

Here are 7 reasons not to be ignored~

1. irreplaceable credibility
Customers can easily inquire and obtain accurate and complete sources of information on the official website, and as an online representative of an enterprise, the official website is the most credible source of information.

2. The operation of the social platform may be wiped out overnight
Walking around on a social platform depends on the face of the platform. I have heard about it when my account was cut off! The ownership of the website is owned by oneself, and it is an "online asset" that can be kept independently. It will not be affected by social platform policies or changes. No direct or indirect material impact on business. In the marketing strategy, it is highly recommended not to rely too much on the social platform, but to complement each other with the community and the website, gradually transfer user habits and build a good website.

3. Accumulation of SEO
Social platforms cannot accumulate SEO, but website optimization can accumulate more exposure on search engines. A good website can use SEO to get a higher search engine ranking for the company, bringing more potential customers and exposure.

4. Data will not be washed
The content of the official website will not be quickly flooded and difficult to find like social platforms. Sometimes important information is washed out all of a sudden, which will cause many operational troubles and customer complaints.

5. The cost of social advertising exposure is getting higher and higher
The cost of advertising exposure on social media platforms is gradually increasing, and SEO has become an important strategy in online marketing. A good official website can help a company achieve a better ranking on search engines, which is an advantage that social platforms cannot match.

6. Information organization and search
Information on social platforms is usually lacking in organization and structure, making it difficult to be indexed and searched by search engines, while websites can organize information and provide search functions.

7. Show corporate characteristics
The official website can highlight the unique characteristics of the company, but the layout and functions of the social platform are limited, and each company looks similar, so it is difficult to fully display the unique charm and image of the company and stand out.

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What are the types of WEB?

  • Brand image page

    Build brand image, raise awareness and increase customer interest

    Companies that need to strengthen brand positioning, products are still in the introduction stage, need a long-term good brand image, products have entered a mature stage, maintain brand reputation, and brand endorsement web pages

  • Company official website

    Representing the company image, providing company information, news, product and technical information, investor relations, corporate sustainability ESG/social responsibility CSR content

    Need to establish the main website of each company, want to monitor and analyze customer traffic through the website, in the past only operated through FB, IG, Pikebang or blog, want to set up an official website by yourself

  • product page

    Suitable for selling several fixed products, providing product introductions, pictures, videos, etc.

    There are not many types of products. Specializing in certain aspects of products and customer groups, there is a need for a webpage to uniformly promote the performance, functions, and product positioning of the products, but a little more customer traffic is needed

  • one page web page

    Simple webpage design, suitable for short-term event promotion or promotional webpage design for single-selling fixed products

    Urgent need for short-term event promotion on the webpage, do not want to have too many menus and categories of webpages, promotional webpage design for selling only fixed products

  • E-commerce shopping page

    Provide an online shopping platform, allowing users to shop online, increasing customers and income

    If you want to run your own shopping webpage, you will no longer be charged by existing platforms. You can use a dedicated shopping webpage to promote your products without restrictions. If you want to accurately grasp customer group information, analyze and do precise marketing

  • Platform website

    Provide a website for multiple characters to use together, allowing users to publish content, such as exchanging recipes, sharing game strategies, etc.

    Companies want to develop their own platform for use, want to operate a platform for a long time, collect advertising revenue and increase members

  • BlogBLOG

    Provide an article writing editor, so that users can publish articles, and also operate SEO articles

    Want to operate your own article writing webpage, want to operate SEO articles, run a blog for a long time, and collect advertising revenue

  • personal image site

    Provide personal image building, resume, biography, etc., or want to introduce yourself to put a portfolio of web pages

    Work resumes want to jump out of the traditional paper and use web pages to introduce themselves, add traditional resumes that cannot present multimedia audio and video in the resume, work background needs to establish a personal image

  • Style Customization Website

    Provide customized web design, so that the web design can be in line with personal or company style

    If you want to make a webpage that stands out from competitors, and have your own ideas about visual design and functional customization, you need the help of webpage companies to complete, enhance the value of the webpage, and retain customer traffic

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work process

The specific website development process may be slightly adjusted due to factors such as project size, team, and development tools. The specific workflow is as follows:

1|Requirements collection
At this stage, it is necessary to understand the customer's needs, pain points and goals, as well as the usage situation and process of the product, and collect as much information as possible.

2|Research and Analysis
At this stage, it is necessary to understand the target audience of the product, market trends and competitors, and conduct user research and situational analysis to determine the design direction or transform it into specific functions and processes.

3|Overall architecture and UX planning
At this stage, it is necessary to create the structure and functions of the website, including information architecture, functional maps, logical flow, functional design, navigation, etc., to ensure the ease of use and usability of the website. In this phase, the goal is to produce a Wireframe for confirmation.

4|Prototyping production A
At this stage, it is necessary to create a prototype by Wireframe, so that the idea or function can be quickly presented in a concrete form, and early feedback can be obtained from users and team members to ensure that it meets the needs of the target audience.

5|Style style setting
At this stage, designers can set several style directions for the project based on the potential consumers, and select the most suitable style direction through customers or users to ensure that the future development direction of the project is loved by actual users. critical to the project.

6|Overall UI user interface design, and Mockup screen design
At this stage, it is necessary to create the visual design and user interface design of the website, including color scheme, navigation interface, button style, typography, image, animation, interactive design, etc., to ensure the aesthetics and brand image of the website, so that all details are in the planning.
This may involve creating a visual design style guide to ensure overall design consistency.

7|Prototyping production B
At this stage, you can decide whether to create a new set of prototypes according to the needs of the situation. The difference is that this version is composed of all confirmed Mockup screens 100%, without any ambiguous space, allowing users and team members to get feedback , to make sure it meets the needs of your target audience. This is the final confirmation and optimization before official development.

8|Front-end production
At this stage, the UI/UX design needs to be translated into a realizable website.
- After determining the website style and layout design, convert the design draft into a webpage, and use programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop the front-end of the webpage to ensure the accessibility and interactivity of the website.
- Conduct webpage testing and optimization, including browser testing, responsive design testing, performance testing, etc., and then connect with back-end developers to integrate the front-end and back-end and ensure that the data is presented correctly.

9|Program development
At this stage, it is necessary to implement the layout and functions of the website, including front-end and back-end development, database design, server-side programming, etc., to ensure the functionality and stability of the website.

This stage requires website testing, including functional testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, etc., to ensure the quality and stability of the website.

11|Content Creation and Upload
At this stage, it is necessary to create the content of the website, including text, images, videos, etc., upload it to the website, and check whether the information can be fully presented.

At this stage, the website needs to be launched, and the final test and verification should be carried out to ensure the normal operation of the website.

After the website is online, maintenance of the website is required, including updating content, fixing errors, etc.

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